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Laser Reticular and Spider Vein Treatment

Ideal for the Removal of Small Veins.

Laser vein treatment is an easy, fast, and effective way to treat superficial veins. In fact, laser technology has become an important factor in the treatment of vascular deformities such as hemangiomas, port wine stains, and spider veins. Besides the application of lasers in treating fine superficial veins, lasers can be effectively used for treating dilated and prominent blue vessels in sensitive areas such as the chest, cheeks, nose, and under eye area. When applied to the face, the more rejuvenated and youthful look can be amazing.


Under eye reticular vein laser removal

How do Lasers Remove Veins?

A precise dosages of light is pulsed through a special hand piece to the targeted vein or red skin area. The absorbed light causes thermocoagulation (or clogging) of the treated blood vessels and seals them off from the normal, healthy vascular system. Over time, the successfully treated veins are absorbed and cleared through the body's natural healing system.


Facial reticular vein laser treatment

Which Lasers Are Used for Laser Vein Treatment?

Advances in technology have helped developed many lasers for different medical uses. We use only the most advanced laser and light equipment's. The Nd:YAG laser, equipped with a contact cooling tip, not only is the most powerful laser for veins, but it is also the most versatile laser in treating veins of all sizes, colors and depths. Very fine and microscopic facial and other spider veins, on the other hand, are best treated with Sciton's Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatment.

How Many Laser Vein Treatment Sessions are Necessary?

Normally only one laser vein treatment session is necessary; however, in some cases, several treatment sessions are needed for optimal results.

How will You Feel During and After Laser Vein Treatment?

The combination of the effective cooling system and routine use of topical anesthetic cream keeps the discomfort to a minimum level. A pulse of laser light may feel like a pinch similar to a snapping rubber band. Often the treated veins disappear immediately, but in some cases it may take a number of weeks to do so. After a laser vein treatment session, the treated skin will be red for a few days and you may also have some bruising, swelling, and darkening of the veins. This normally resolves within a week. Rarely, some blistering may also occur, but this normally heals within a week with conservative treatments.

Combination Treatments

Sometimes, the best laser vein removal results are achieved using a custom-designed combination of procedures, including Sclerotherapy, Foam Sclerotherapy, IPL, and the potent power and penetration of the laser. The outcome is rejuvenated, healthy looking legs with better circulation and elimination of pain from varicose or spider vein pain that may have plagued you for years.


Vein Closure with Laser Vein Treatment

Questions About the Cost of Laser Vein Removal or the Treatment?

We will be delighted to assist you with any enquiries regarding cost of laser vein treatment, additional information, or scheduling a consultation session with us. Consultations with the us are free with the purchase of any service. We charge a nominal refundable consultation fee for the first office visit only. This fee is fully credited towards a subsequently purchased service.