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Skin 3D Practice Skin lips

R 50.00 each

(1-19) R50.00
(20-49) R40.00
(50+) R35.00

Category: Consumables
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1. It can be used for starters and experienced tattoo trainers or AEMI permanent makeup artists and masters
2. Help you to improve your technology or skills without practicing leather
3. It can be washed to comer true re-use.Water or PMU Cleanser can take off the ink or pigment and practice it again. It's very economical and environmentally friendly .
4. Exercise the skin of a semi permanent makeup new learner or a permanent school student.
5. Materials: Silicone, Soft, artificial skin,Inkness natural rubber, soft, easy to color,artificial skin

The best quality, the best price, the best service.
The practice of skin is made of advanced science and technology materials and produced according to the skin of the people. Its thickness and flexibility to control the depth of needle penetration, but also enable students to find their own mistakes in a timely manner, and promptly corrected, so as to quickly improve students' skills.
Weight 120 gr
Length 0 cm
Width 0 cm
Length 0 cm
Height 0 cm
Code P71

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