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Kuro Sumi Outlining Black 12oz

R 450.00 bot(12oz)

(1-19) R550.00
(20-49) R495.00
(50+) R440.00

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Kuro Sumi Black Outlining Tattoo Ink - 12oz Imported from Japan, Kuro Sumi outlining tattoo Ink is the standard worldwide in today's tattoo industry.

Used and trusted by thousands of the best tattoo artists of all styles, Kuro Sumi is voted the number one outlining ink in consistency and quality.

One 12oz Bottle Black Outlining Tattoo Ink Most Trusted Outlining Ink On The Market

Weight 250 gr
Length 0 cm
Width 0 cm
Length 0 cm
Height 0 cm
Code O185

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