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Golden Mean Caliper

R 250.00 each

(1-19) R300.00
(20-49) R230.00
(50+) R210.00

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Golden Mean Calipers are designed to make small and accurate measurements for faces or geometric drawings to measure the Golden Mean, also known as The Golden Ratio and Phi, is a ratio of 1: 1.618. This caliper is designed specifically for work in the field of cosmetic surgery and eyebrow microblading. The clear acrylic does not block the line of vision to the skin underneath while still allowing for precise measurements.

Product Specifications:
– Measures the Golden Mean, also known as The Golden Ratio and Phi is a ratio of –   1 : 1.618
– Used extensively in Microblading and other beauty practices
– Videos and guides showing how to work using the Golden ratio can be found via Youtube
– Easy to clean and fully reusable

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