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In the beginning

We started an import company by the name of Basleys Trading CC in 1997. This was a one man business and we imported everything that could sell. In 2004 we changed our focus to the tattoo industry. In the beginning we just focused on kits but quickly realized that our customers want more.


As our dedication to the industry grew we started to develop an online profile by the name of GetInked and it ran like a house on fire. Soon we had 500 clients on our books who order regularly. This resulted in employing more staff to handle the administration and stock. We build a 200m2 warehouse to store our stock to supply our current client base of over 7000.

This is our game

We registered a company with the name GetInked in 2012 and split our import company from Getinked. We build a massive warehouse to hold our stock. We now have more than 7000 clients of which 80% order on a regular basis. We have invested a lot of money and time on our website and it is constantly in development to make your experience more enjoyable.

The bottom line

We are also known in the tattoo industry as the tattoo supplier for professional tattoo artists! In the time that we have been established we have set the benchmark for service and quality. GetInked doesn't just sell tattoo supplies, we put our heart and soul in making the tattoo industry the best it can be. Many well known tattoo artists come to us for not just supplies, but for simple tips and secret tricks to make them advance in this skill of art we call tattooing. We have a 100% satisfaction record! We are the only suppliers who guarantee our products and will replace damaged items without any questions. We also guarantee all our deliveries!

Search, Select, Buy Online.

We have an amazing selection of tattoo and piercing supplies and supply a variety of goods to our customers from apprentice to seasoned professionals. We are the biggest and most reliable suppliers in the industry.

Fast Delivery Worldwide.

98% Of all orders are dispatched within 24 hours. As the biggest suppliers in Africa we export to the whole of Africa.

The Team

Stuart Harrison

Industry Leaders makes us the biggest and best supplier.

Stuart, Founder GetInked Tattoo Suppliers.
Stuart Harrison

Quality, reliability, availability and service is what drives our company.

Wayne, Manager
Stuart Harrison

Attention to detail and customer satisfaction.

Sally, Admin and Piercing